“A special find . . . in Duluth.”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 25, 2015 NEW

During each of our trips to Italy, my wife and I look for quaint family run restaurants. They tend to have a wonderful history and delicious food from recipes handed down from generation to generation. Well, we discovered such a place in Duluth. We were just introduced to Italiano Ristorante this evening by friends, not in Italy, but right here in our own back yard.

We were in Italy last September where we enjoyed many wonderful meals. However, none of what we enjoyed there was any better than what we experienced this evening in Duluth at Italiano Ristorante.

The food was exceptional and the service was warm and very attentive. Prices are extremely reasonable and we were very pleased with what we received for what we paid. Truly, the pricing is refreshing.

Because it is family owned, Italiano Ristorante is the type of restaurant you truly enjoy supporting and calling your own. Family owned and operated, the family, originally from Sicily, does a wonderful job of making you feel very much at home. One of the best things is that you don’t have to dress up to have a very tasty meal. You are invited to come and enjoy great food in a casual atmosphere. I wore shorts this evening . . . as did others. This was a wonderfully relaxing place go for a very pleasant evening.

Everything at Italiano Ristorante is fresh, homemade, and delicious. And, one thing you can count on while there is that at least one family member is busy making something wonderful in the kitchen. As good as the food, is the warm personal service that you enjoy.

Enjoy this special restaurant the next time you are craving good Italian food.

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Gwinnett Daily Post – June 12, 2015

Roma-Newspaper Review

Finally!!!!  This place has been “Coming Soon” for way too long.  There are a couple of pizza places in the area, but no real Italian restaurant.

I met Frank, the owner, Brooklyn man who couldn’t wait to show off the wood fire brick oven for authentic pizzas.  I’m looking forward to trying it.

I went with the bruschetta and the eggplant rollatini.  Absolutely delicious!  I felt like I was back in the New York area.

I live close by, so I’m looking forward to becoming somewhat of a regular.  Really good food.  Check it out!

Dan G.
Watched for weeks; now OPEN!  Windows across both sides so you can judge if crowded or not & we hit perfectly.  Enter into the bar –which isn’t my thing, but not much choice with the small, yet well-spaced, main dining area.  No booths, but I can see where several tables could come together for large (12+) groups.  Staff is super friendly; because we were looking al around (taking in the decor and space) 2 other staffers stopped by to see if we were being taken care –when our server had left to fill our order! Owner Frank stopped by; said they’d been open about 4 wks –delays with the brick-fired oven shipping over from Italy to Duluth.

Frank brings his family’s 59yrs worth of Italian-Brooklyn know how here and I’m very pleased.  I’m not from NYC, but the knots and red sauce were excellent.  My bride chose a Margarita pizza, and I the Penne w/sausage & broccoli tossed in olive oil.  Both were generous servings, brought out together, both piping hot!  The Penne locked my jaws it was so good!  The Margarita was light and delicious as well.  I learned its all made there at Roma from scratch with goods imported(?) from the Old Country.

Going back tonight & taking some friends with us.  This could change to a 5-star FAV if tonight matches or tops our last visit.  Stay tuned….

James G.

A little on the pricey side but the portion was geneous and the quality of the food was great so there is your value.  The fried mozzarella was too salty for me but the chicken penne vodka was the BOMB and considering we went there late I can certainly appreciate the garlic knots not being hard and dry so I was impressed, they were smaller in size than what im used to but who cares they were yummy. And so was the dipping sauce. The staff SUPERB!! I hope that is not just because the restaurant is new bc that is my absolute favorite part of the dining out experience and sadly in time most restaurant forget to put in the effort.

FYI The chicken penne vodka comes with mushrooms

Ken P.
Delicious, Homestyle, Hearty Eats here.

I actually ordered stromboli and a cannoli for takeout but the guy at the front magically turned the cannoli it into a calzone instead..lol it’s ok, I actually don’t mind but I will come back for that cannoli next time, I guess.

Both are delicious, good hearty portions, robust and flavorful.

The stromboli has the perfect amount of melted cheese, smaller than most stromboli’s, but really the taste makes up for anything else. The marinara sauce on the side is so good too.

The calzone has an abundance of ricotta and is also just hearty and rich.

Definitely going to order through this menu and try more of their offerings.

If I make it through the list and they are consistent, I will update with 5 stars, 4 stars bc my order was scrambled (5 star is for impeccable service too, right?) and bc I haven’t tried the menu yet – I gotta say tho, the taste is great here. I hope to be able to update this place soon, YUM!

Corinne L.
Excellent. I loved the menu, service and THE FOOD. Family owned and operated. Absolutely wonderful in every way. This is a must for local eats!
Ben G.
My wife saw the review of this restaurant in the Gwinnett Daily Post, so we tried it out for lunch on Saturday.  We’ll probably need to go back to get a fuller perspective, as I wasn’t up for pasta at the time However, here is the review base don what we ordered.

First, service was very good.  Our waitress was attentive without being intrusive.  We got some fried zucchini as an appetizer.  Their version is short sticks, batter-fried.  These were quite good, especially with the marina sauce (which tasted quite fresh; just the right amount of basil too).  The only suggestion would be to offer some ranch-type dressing as an alternative, but the marinara was so good they can probably get by as-is.

I just had a garden salad, but it was loaded with ingredients.  I managed to finish it, but only just.  My wife had a salmon dish; she liked the salmon okay, but liked the side dishes (mashed potatoes + asparagus) even more.

The wine selection seemed a bit limited, but the Pinot Grigio I got was good.  They just opened, so maybe they are still working out the wines.

I noted that they had a brick oven in the corner of the dinging room and a large stack of firewood on one end of their patio; I meant to ask if that was more decorative or if it was a usable pizza oven. 

My only worry is that this location has seen constant turn-over for literally 15+ years.  It has probably been at least 3 – 4 iterations of restaurants since we last ate there, but from what we saw Roma at least has a decent chance to break the streak.

I think we’ll be back to try more; I will update the rating once we try some additional dishes.  Recommended.

Jim W.
We have been here twice now and the service and food has been top notch. Frankie has treated us like family every time we go in and is very proud of the food and the restaurant. The chicken Marcella, flat bread, stuff shells and the chicken parmesan are fantastic. I do agree with one of the previous reviewers about the salad. I know this is not Olive Garden but typically most great dinners start with a salad or soup and at the price point I thought they did. This is the only place we will go for Italian food.
Hungry P.
Super good! I’m so glad we came here. It’s still pretty new so our server wasn’t entirely on point but she was so sweet it didn’t matter. We met one of the owners, Frankie, and he checked on us periodically to make sure everything was good. I had the mussels and they were fantastic. The break…yum!!! Mom had the wedge salad and pasta fagioli and my stepdad had the lasagna. Both great. Fried ravioli as an app was bomb. This will be somewhere I visit again when I come to johns creek to see my parents. Btw their house red wine isn’t on the menu but it’s very good, light and fruity and it’s only $6.
Melissa W.
Tried Roma for dinner tonight and it was great. Service was good, the staff was friendly and the food was delicious. We had bruschetta, followed by tortellini and baked ziti alla siciliano. Both pastas were yummy. We will be back to try the wood fired pizza!
Maxine M.